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Saving Water with the INSINK 4-IN-1

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It's always a good feeling when you can represent a new, innovative product especially when that product is designed and manufactured right here in Canada. 

I stumbled on the INSINK 4-IN-1 while watching a review on Youtube and thought it would be great for us to use at the cabin and when the RV arrives. 

Using less water and keeping scraps and debris out of the grey tank are hugely important but when I was able to see first hand, how many other things this little gadget could do, I figured this would be a great product to offer our customers. In addition to its main uses, it can also hold snacks, work as a small colander, be used in the shower for shaving or around the campsite for clean up. I would love to hear your ideas! :)

I hope you the find the INSINK 4-IN-1 as useful as we do and as always, thanks for supporting Canadian business.