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  • InstaFire Fire Starter, 3 Pack

InstaFire Fire Starter, 3 Pack

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InstaFire Fire Starter, 3 Pack

As seen on Shark Tank, our InstaFire™ Fire Starter is the outdoorsman's dream fire starter. It will be your go-to fire starting tool in almost any condition. It's also very lightweight. Whether you are starting a fire while backpacking, hunting, snowmobiling, hiking, camping, in your fireplace or fire pit, InstaFire is the quickest, safest, and easiest way to start a fire. It's safe for your emergency preparedness plan, and it's even safe to store near food.


  • No need for kindling - InstaFire will easily light larger split logs
  • Each pouch is only 1.75 oz & will start up to 4 fires
  • Lights wet wood (Burns up to 1000 degrees)
  • Each 1/4 pouch burns up to 7-10 MINUTES.
  • NON-TOXIC: made from environmentally friendly materials, and is safe near food!
  • Remains lit in virtually any weather conditions (snow, light rain, sleet, high winds)
  • Sustains winds up to 20-30 MPH once lit
  • InstaFire's leftover is a natural fertilizer - it nourishes the earth!

Product Videos

Instafire Fall/Summer Video how to use Instafire for camping 04:42

Floats on water, wind proof fire, 30 year shelf life, all natural. This stuff is amazing, get some for backpacking, hiking, RV, or even keep it right next to your food storage for an emergency. With no harmful chemicals, it's safe next to food. With charcoal briquettes, you'll never need lighter fluid again! See our web site http://instafire.com/home.htm

  • Instafire Fall...
    Floats on water, wind proof fire, 30 year shelf life, all natu...

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