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  • Omega Safety Systems Chamber Lock for Rifles
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Omega Safety Systems Chamber Lock for Rifles


Product Description

Omega Safety Systems Gun Lock - Rifles

No bulky cables or combinations to remember. The Omega Internal Chamber Lock is custom designed to fit your gun and remains totally hidden from unauthorized users. Ideal for display, storage and transport.


  • Omega gunlocks are defined as internal chamber technology. The locks fit inside the gun chamber, being the same size as empty brass, as opposed to existing gunlocks that are applied as a bulky accessory, usually in the form of a cable or trigger lock.
  • The Omega gunlock works with a key. There are two types of keys: a small, tamper-resistant L - key that locks from the breach, or the child-resistant, folding key that locks down the muzzle of the gun, for automatics and revolvers. The L - key is used on shotguns and rifles, while the child-resistant key is used on all automatic handguns, revolvers and derringers.
  • This new technology works when the key engages with the lock and two molded cones come together, which then expands a soft aluminum ring and locks in the chamber. In the case of an automatic pistol, the lock engages the extractor, locks the slide onto the frame and renders the gun inoperable. In all shotguns and rifles, the locking system bypasses all extractors and ejectors. In revolvers, the lock goes through the cylinder, into the barrel, and locks the cylinder, trigger and hammer, freezing the entire gun.
  • Because these locks are internal, they are also caliber specific, not gun specific, allowing them to be more secure and more effective than external gunlock designs.
  • Fast emergency release, which readies your gun in 2 – 5 seconds … even in the safety of the dark.

Product Videos

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Warranty Information

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